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    The "Advanced Eurasian Researches" is a peer-reviewed scientific interdisciplinary journal.

    The journal publishes articles, reviews and other materials on economic, sociological, legal, humanitarian, social, political, technical, pedagogical, physical and mathematical sciences.

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The "Advanced Eurasian Researches" is a peer-reviewed scientific interdisciplinary journal. The journal publishes articles, reviews and other materials on economic, sociological, legal, humanitarian, social, political, technical, pedagogical, physical and mathematical sciences.
All materials are published in open access with the right to read, cite, copy, reprocess for educational and scientific purposes, in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code (Part IV, Chapter 70 "Copyright") and with mandatory reference to the Journal and Authors of publications. Use for commercial purposes only with the special written permission of the publisher.
The articles published in the journal Advanced Eurasian Researches are taken into account by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as a printed work in obtaining the academic title and defending dissertations, but the journal does not include a the list of refereed publications' VAK.

Author's materials are double-blinded. All materials are checked for anti-plagiarism. Materials are published in the author's edition. For the reliability of the information stated in the articles, the authors are responsible. The opinion of the editors may not coincide with the opinion of the authors of the materials.
The publication of articles in the journal for authors is free of charge.

Languages: Russian, English
The "Advanced Eurasian Researches" journal is published monthly.
The journal accepts articles for publication up to 30th of the current month
The journal is published in electronic form (PDF) to 10th day of the following month.


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Editorial Board


Professor Bojidar Bojinov, PhD


Profesor Bojidar Bojinov, PhD
Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov, Bulgaria
Google Scolar

Assoc. Professor Silvia Trifonova, PhD
University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Assoc. Professor eng. Georgi Tsanev, PhD
Medical University, Pleven, Bulgaria

Lachezar Lazarov, PhD
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria


In forming its editorial policy, "Advanced Eurasian Researches" is based on the recommendations of international organizations on the ethics of scientific publications:
Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors;
Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers;
COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers;
International standards for editors and authors.

Author's Ethics

All materials contained in electronic resources (local and remote access) of the electronic journal are considered published and are subject to copyright. From the authors who offer their materials for publication in the journal, the editorial board expects to observe the following principles:
• Originality of the research;
• Providing reliable results of scientific and practical work;
• Objective discussion of the significance of the study;
• Inadmissibility of personal, disparaging remarks and accusations against other researchers;
• Exclusion of plagiarism;
• Mandatory availability of bibliographic references to all external sources of information, all publications relevant to this article;
• Submission of information from confidential sources only with their permission;
• Representations as co-authors of all participants who have made a significant contribution to the research and writing of the article;
• Expressing gratitude to other colleagues who are not authors of this article, but who have influenced its creation;
• Prompt notification of the discovery of significant errors or inaccuracies in the publication and interaction with the editor with the aim of correcting errors or removing the publication, timely correction of errors and inaccuracies identified by the reviewer or editor.

Ethics Editor and Reviewer

The editor has the exclusive right to accept the manuscript for publication or reject it.
The manuscript can be rejected by the editor if:
• The article does not correspond to the subject of the journal;
• Article is obviously of low scientific quality;
• The article was previously published in another publication;
• In the submitted materials, a fundamental contradiction to the ethical principles that the journal adheres to is revealed.
The editor accepts the article for publication in accordance with its conviction in its compliance with the requirements of the journal.
Editors must ensure that the materials published by them comply with international standards of scientific and public ethics.
If there is a conflict of interest between the editor and the author of the article, the article should be transferred to another editor.
All incoming manuscripts not rejected by the editor are submitted for peer review, selecting reviewers from among the most competent specialists on the subject of the article.
Editors should keep the names of reviewers secret and not provide reviewers with the names of authors.
Reviewers provide impartiality, objectivity, clarity and reasoning in their work and submit to the editorial office a review within 2-3 days from the date of sending the article for review.

Policy in the field of plagiarism and privacy

All articles upon admission are checked by the editor in chief for borrowing in the system type "Antiplagiarism".
Admissible threshold value of borrowing - no more than 30% of the total volume of the article.
Reviews and other articles, for objective reasons requiring more citations, are reviewed by the editorial board on an individual basis.

Information about the authors (name, first name, patronymic, organization name, e-mail address for communication of the readers with the author, provided by them for publication in the journal, become available to an indefinite number of persons, to which the authors consent to the fact of electronic signing of the contract.
Publication of the specified information is carried out in the interests of the authors with the purpose of full and correct accounting of publications and their quoting by the corresponding bibliographic organizations and ensuring the possibility of the authors' contacts with the scientific community.
Personal information provided by the authors of the magazine in addition to the above information, including additional e-mail addresses and phone numbers, will be used exclusively for contacts with authors in the process of preparing an article for publication.
The Editorial Board undertakes not to transfer this personal information to third parties who can use it for other purposes.

Principles, mission, goals and objectives

The scientific journal "Advanced Eurasian Researches" is a peer-reviewed political edition.

The basic principles of the journal
The magazine has an international and interdisciplinary character. In the journal studies are published, in the focus of which there are problems of fundamental and fundamental applied research in all fields of science.

The purpose of the magazine
Promote free discussion and exchange of knowledge among scientists, regardless of their membership in a particular scientific discipline.

Mission of the magazine
The mission of the magazine is to unite research efforts and establish connections of scientists in the development of scientific thought on pressing problems of science, including by providing open access to published articles.

Tasks of the journal: • Forming new views based on modern scientific approaches and academic polemics of different points of view;
• publication, presentation and dissemination of scientific works of Russian and foreign authors, the latest information and best practices in the study of current problems of science; • Providing opportunities for professional communication to a wide range of researchers and specialists from different fields of science; • support of conceptual and empirical discussions on fundamental and applied problems of academic research; • promoting the development of theoretical and practical research in various fields of knowledge; • providing an opportunity to get acquainted with relevant scientific research and development to all interested readers from all over the world; • Involve young researchers in the professional community.

Journal Audience
The magazine provides an opportunity for publication for leading scientists in their fields of knowledge, graduate students and young scientists. The journal enables authors to publish the results of their scientific research.

Open Access Policy
In addition to the academic audience, the magazine is aimed at non-academic readers interested in discussing the fundamental problems of modern society and sciences. The journal follows the policy of open access to publications and the entire contents of the journal is available to users free of charge. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, find the full texts of the journal articles without the prior permission of the publisher and the author.



Articles, drawn up in violation of these requirements, are not considered by the editorial board.

Requirements for submission of article

  • Number of pages: 7-24 7-24 pages (A4), including tables, illustrations, references;
    Margins (Top - 2.00 cm .; Bottom - 2.00 cm; Left - 2.00 cm; Right - 2.00 cm)
    Font Times New Roman
    Font size 14 pt
    Line spacing 1,5
    Paragraph Indentation Firs line 1,25 см
    Text Alignment Justify
    Automatic hyphenation Off
    Page Numbering No
    Formula Editor MS Equation 3.0
    Drawings on the text
    References to the formula (1)
    References to literature (Author, Year, p.5), the cited literature is given in the general list at the end of the article.

Mandatory article structure

  • UDC, JEL
    Author (s): Surname and initials
    Keywords: separated from each other by a semicolon
    Text of the article
    Bibliography list by APA Style

    Family, First name, Given name, Position, Academic degree, Academic title
    The full name of the organization is the place of work (study), the full legal address of the organization in the following sequence: street, house, city, index, country
    E-mail address
    E-mail ID (SPIN-code :, ORCID :, ResearcherID :, Scopus Author ID :, ResearchGate, SSRN)


  • The publication of articles in the journal for authors is free of charge.


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